Our Mission

Kitsilano Physiotherapy Clinic provides one on one  hands on approach to optimize function, improve performance and resolve pain.

Kitsilano Physio Clinic was one of the first Vancouver physiotherapy centres to open. We have been a leading provider of manual and sports physio in Kits, West Point Grey, UBC and Vancouver Westside since 1978. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, and have years of experience and post-graduate education.

We pride ourselves in taking a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing hands-on techniques, acupuncture, exercise, modalities and education that best serves our clients , facilitating their achievement of optimal function and resolution of pain. Not everyone responds to the same treatment protocol techniques. Identifying the cause of your pain, movement impairment and subsequently determining the best tools of treatment will optimize your success in achieving your treatment goals.

We have recently added Hydrotherapy (Water Physiotherapy) and Spinal Decompression to the list of our services. Additionally, Physiotherapist Home Visits are available to the Vancouver Westside community.

We accept ICBC and WCB physiotherapy referrals.